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Archeo is a leading distributor of technical plastic materials including PA (polyamide) and POM (polyoxymethylene), which are widely used in the automotive industry, the furniture industry and other industries. With our expertise and selection of quality materials, we have gained the trust of customers in the industry.

Our offer includes a wide range of plastic materials with excellent mechanical properties, from high strength to resistance to friction and chemicals. PA and POM materials are known for their durability, stability and ease of processing, making them an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

We work with leading plastics manufacturers to ensure consistent quality and supply. Our experienced and professional teams are ready to provide technical support and advice in choosing the most suitable materials for specific projects.

Archeo is a reliable partner for the distribution of technical plastic materials. We pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with our customers and our ability to contribute to the success of their projects. Contact us and we will be happy to help you with your industrial plastics needs.


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